Bullet Journaling Part 2: How I’m using my journal for it.

I started this post a while ago right after I shared about switching from traditional planners to a bullet journaling system for this year ( spoiler: it’s more flexible & simpler – basically looks like simple is my word for everything these days).I’d gotten quite a few questions about it so I’d done a walk through on my Instagram stories as well. This post is a written version of that walk through.

If you haven’t read that first post, maybe it would be best to pause and read that first. Click through here for that one.


First though these 3 pages/spreads that are vital for the beginning of your journal. I don’t have photos here but linking some to give you an idea. The Key is a page where you keep a list of all the symbols you plan to use and what they stand for. It’s a quick reference guide & I also use that to record what color highlighters I use for what category / Your index is where you’ll note down page number of important sections to be able to refer back to easily / Since you’re making your spreads as you go, what happens if you have a future date commitment that you need to add to your planner? The Future Log is the place to record these future commitments/tasks etc.


The monthly spreads come every time you are starting a new month and for my journal, these are a few things I’m including:

  • a check-in – physical/mental/emotional
  • any intentions for the month
  • place for a brain dump
  • wise words or any inspirational thoughts

Also my favorite part is including a habit tracker for the month, to record a few daily habits I want to focus on for the month. I’m doing 3 for right now, mindfulness, phone-free evenings, daily walks.

Also thought I’d would be a great idea to do a namaz tracker too.

Also doing a gratitude page to write down anything I’m grateful for particularly for each day.


Then come the weekly spreads for each week that you make as you go I started with a more detailed version but then realized I didn’t need to keep that much space so switched to a more basic one for now. Keeping a page to add weekly menus, grocery lists, home tasks as well as a To-Do list for work + personal things.

Here’s what each week page looks like: This is where I write down commitments / deadlines / anything specific for a particular date. Also use highlighter colors to mark items as work / personal / Anya’s school so it’s easier to see at a glance.

I honestly didn’t realize it would be such a mindful and therapeutic process, making the spreads. I really enjoy it. And it really takes 5 minutes.


Planning for the whole week gives you a bit of a bigger picture look. It gives you freedom and flexibility and look at your family’s & your work life over the course of a full week. I love that there’s room to finish to-do’s over the week. Personally my goals for the daily is to try to finish up to 3 tasks (work + personal) also add any deadlines / commitments etc.

I know this is the best written blog post on this topic but just a little introduction to this process and how I’m making it work for me for right now. Click through here to see the video walk through in my “Weekly Plan” highlights on my IG.

Thanks for reading. Lots of love